1- Type II Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0-Supervision BACB CEU)

Presenters: Brendan J Böhr 

Abstract: Collaboration between disciplines is both a great challenge and a colossal opportunity for innovative behavior analysts in the 21st century. Never before has our world seen a technology with such demonstrable power to influence human behaviour with precision and compassion. And yet, even our most accomplished and successful behavior analysts often have great difficulty forging genuine relationships between organizations and across disciplines. The struggle is real! In this breakout session, viewers will be introduced to a simple and intuitive approach to discussing ABA-related topics and technologies with potential business partners, clients, specialists, families, and rights advocates. Whereas behavior analysts can often be perceived as cold, robotic, and lacking compassion by the general public; this approach is warm, effective, and authentic.

Objectives: When given the opportunity to discuss or promote behaviour analytic concepts, principles, and technologies, participants will do so more effectively and with greater confidence. By looking out for specific, qualitative reactions from listeners, participants will more effectively maintain authentic relationships with partners, clients, specialists, and families. Behavioral participants will communicate more concisely and with greater warmth when collaborating with other disciplines; especially on projects related to diagnoses and disabilities, agency and individuality, and effective support strategies. 

Empathy, Humility, Science: Advocating for ABA when they Don't Want to Hear It